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Students can gain comparative insights and specialize in particular regions and periods. The course designs reflect cutting edge research. Based on the results students obtained, the quality of teaching must be praised. Assessments were thoughtfully designed to enable critical engagement with the existing historiography, as well as the pursuit of original work, in particular for the dissertation. The application of the marking criteria was rigorous, the moderation processes robust and the feedback detailed and mostly constructive. There was some variation in student performance, but overall the quality was very high, with publishable work at the top.

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Our Rotary Emblem will be part of the room. The Childrens Museum director is in talks with the Town Official regarding the possibility of relocating the building5. Tony Rodriguez was happy about the attendance for the Jazz brunch, but let the management know about its shortfall in the kitchen and table management. 6. The Vines of March as announced by the co chairman Kyle Egress. Tom Wood will assist Kyle for this fund raising event. 7. Joe Stafford met a group that builds wood furniture. He will invite them to address our meeting to give us some pointers as to saving or replacing the Rotary benches in Town. 1. Our meeting was visited by three witches, Mr.

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The Progress explicitly called out the Klans anti Catholic motivation, and acted as a galvanizing force for opposition to Initiative 49, bringing together major newspapers in the State, Catholic and Protestant clergy, mason organizations, labor groups, the mayor, and other state officials. It was not just the Catholic Northwest Progress that opposed Initiative 49, but most newspapers in Washington: reported the Progress in January of 1924, Newspapers of Washington were practically unanimous in condemning the action of the five Tacoma men who last week filed a petition for an initiative bill in which the destruction of freedom of education in this state is proposed. 22 Further, newspaper officials renewed their pledges of unity at the annual press association, held at the University of Washingtons School of Journalism. The President of the Washington Press Association, Chapin D. Foster, reported the Progress, has declared his opposition to the proposed initiative measure advocated by the Ku Klux Klan for the destruction of private schools in the state of Washington. 23Foster and other leaders of the press went on to say that putting Initiative 49 on the ballot in November would destroy the unity which the press of the state had been working on in Washington, and marked that the only newspapers editorializing in favor of Initiative 49 were either Klan controlled or pro Klan.

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Breakfast is peak listening time but allthe shows play to very large audiences. Listenersare mainly the over fifties and most of the presenters are in that agebracket too, the most senior being Alan Keith who presents Your Hundred Best Tunes every Sunday. Alan is eighty seven andstill going strong. Perhaps Ishould say something about the art of the presenter. Lets take the Radio 2morning team Sarah Kennedy, Terry Wogan and Ken Bruce. People often ask me ifthey work from scripts is everything they say written down?Not a wordis written down. All they have to work from is a running order a list ofrecords and an indication of where the news, weather and traffic reports shouldcome. Add a pile of listeners letters and thats it, theyre on their own. They sit ina little studio in Broadcasting House with just a technician for company. Thered light comes on. They open their microphone and off they go into the unknown its like walking a tightrope for two hours every morning.

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