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The chart below shows the various pages on Mail Online which ranked on Google for the term World Cup between February and June this year. The page labelled C on the chart is the Mails World Cup hub page, which is the one the publisher would want to rank for consistently. The chart below shows how the Mails Google rankings for World Cup fluctuated over the four month period. This landing page didnt manage to rank above page four on Google in the run up to the World Cup which, as we know, is essentially nowhere. Whats happening here is that Google is seeing lots of pages from Mail Online for this search term, and is unsure of which one should be ranked the highest. Essentially, every new piece of content published on the World Cup is cannibalising the search ranking of other pages, and the hub page in particular. Mail Online is compounding the issue by failing to give any signal to Google to tell it which page it wants to rank for the search term in question. Mail Online could have linked back to the hub page from every article it wrote on the World Cup, which would have indicated to Google that this page was significant. The upshot is that, though it had a useful World Cup hub page, it just didnt manage to rank highly enough in the run up to the tournament. It is, of course, a very competitive term, but it wouldnt be hard for a publisher with the resources of Mail Online to rank for this, given the right strategy. What our intelligence shows is that The Daily Mail got the strategy right by publishing a landing page for the World Cup early in the year, but got the tactics wrong by not giving that page and a subsequent canonical one enough internal links and strength.

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Likewise, sexists hated Hillary. I didn't vote for her Hey, are you calling me a sexist?I put my money behind Tulsi maxed out Twice. Maybe Tulsi is a transvestite or something. /sHillary's involvement in the murder of Berta Caceres could not possibly have anything to do with my decision to not vote for President in 2016. /s Hillary was the one who said the election was a "done deal", not me. I don't know who the "many" are, but I recall them to include Rachael Maddow.

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2 has pages 706 1186 plus 153 pages of indexes. History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania, No author listed, originally published by Brown, Bunk and Co. , Chicago, IL, 1888, this is a two volume 1981 hardbound reprint by Unigraphic, Inc. , Evansville, IN. , vol. one has one map and a few illustrations in 650 pages, vol. 2 has pages 651 1210 plus 193 pages of indexes. Hoober, Richard T. , Pennsylvania Obsolete Notes and Scrip. This book attempts to describe all known notes and scrip issued in Pennsylvania from the termination of the colonial period through the 19th century. It addresses rarity and value, counterfeit and altered notes, and is a very comprehensive book.

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Headaches can be annoying and a severe headache may even stop you from being able to function properly. Headaches are common and can occur to anyone. Unless a headache is chronic it is usually not serious. Although there are many over the counter headache relief medications, they are not without side effects and should not be taken too often. Instead, one should seek natural ways to get rid of a headache. A natural headache remedy works just as good as traditional medications, minus the side effects. Many headaches are brought on by dehydration. Rehydrating the system will often be enough to ease a headache. It is important to consume plenty of water everyday. As soon as you feel the onset of a headache, drink some water or juice. Avoid caffeinated beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks and chocolate.

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Headsets for Cisco Phones. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. contains an analog headset that can be set up to enable wideband 1 The Poly portfolio for Cisco including industry leading video soundbars conference phones and headsets provides seamless collaboration experiences. Different models have different headset options and built in ports so may headsets are available on the Polycom headset page. 0 wireless with Standard Base Station for Cisco DX70 DX80 IP Phone 68XX Webex Board 55 Board nbsp Finding the right headsets for your Cisco telephones is easy with Headsets Direct Inc. 0 300 ft48 kHz Over The Head Binaural Supra aural Uni Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Jabra Evolve 65 MS Wireless Headset Stereo Includes Link 370 USB Adapter Bluetooth Headset with Industry Leading Wireless Performance Advanced Noise Cancelling Cisco Headset 561 and Cisco Headset 562 with Standard Base For the Cisco IP Phone 8851 8851NR 8861 8865 and 8865NR Quick Reference Guide. HGST HUC156060CSS200 600gb 15000rpm. Oct 28 2019 Hi I have a Cisco IP phone 8845 and I am using cisco hesadset 562 with a standard base. ShoreTel ShorePhone 230 IP Black Phone. Buy a Cisco 562 Wireless Dual headset with Multibase Station or other Wireless Headsets at CDW. 3 Dec 2018 Place a Call on Hold with Manual Directed Call Park 50.

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