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Le bateau est inscrit la Transat Jacques Vabre, quipage, Eric Bellion et Sam Goodchild. Aout, Reu de Matthieu Hacquebart Boat captain ces photos, 13 aout, Artmis Challenge, Cowes: 10e/10 60', Eric BELLION 16 aout, Fastnet Race: 7e/9 60' en 3j06h04' 5h55', q: Anthony MARCHAND 13 septembre, Lorient, Plus de photos More Pictures, 17 octobre, Le Havre, Plus de photos More Pictures, 25 octobre, Transat Jacques Vabre, Le Havre Itaja: 11e/42 en 19j02h15', 7e/20 Imoca 2j01h53', co skipper: Sam GOODCHILD, Eric BELLION Le bateau est rentr en Bretagne en quipage rduit. 2016 Chantier de remise en tat et de fiabilisation du bateau et installation d'une nouvelle quille. Mars, remise l'eau du bateau Qualification pour le Vende Globe Beaucoup de sorties en mer avec des mcnes, Juillet, navigation d'une semaine en solitaire Chantier d't chez Mer Agite Port La Fort, vrification gnral du bateau 14 octobre, Les Sables d'Olonne, Plus de photos More Pictures, Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers", caractristiques: nombre de milles au dpart: 30 000, budget: nc avec 14 mcnes, dplacement: 8. 5t, 1 vrin de quille, poids du bulbe: 4t, 6 ballasts, safrans suspendus, mt aile de 28,50m, Voiles Incidences, pilote NKE, logiciel de nav: Adrena, 2 hydrognrateurs. 6 novembre, VENDEE GLOBE: 9e/29 en 99j04h56' 25j01h20', Eric BELLION 19 novembre, passage de l'quateur, 26e 6 dcembre, safran tribord abim suite une collision avec un Ofni 6 dcembre, passage la longitude du cap de Bonne Esprance, 17e en 29j04h30 11j05h32 du leader 7 dcembre, le safran a t remplac par un safran de rechange 20 dcembre, passage la longitude du cap Leeuwin, 17e?2017 11 janvier, passage du Cap Horn, 9e en 66j02h47' 29 janvier, passage de l'quateur, 9e 13 fvrier, arrive aux Sables d'Olonne en 9e position, Jai ramen tant de choses il va falloir faire un inventaire 16 mars, le bateau est de retour Port La Fort, chez Mer Agite pour son chantier de retour du Vende Globe 7 juin, prochaine course du bateau, la Route du Rhum 20182018 12 janvier, info "Tips and Shaft", A Vendre 1 000 000 Euros, si le bateau n'est pas vendu, Eric Bellion envisage de faire la Route du Rhum 2018 avec.

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Students need a purpose that makes sense to them and applies to their lives. Former New York City teacher Claire Needell Hollander found that her middle schoolers connected with a project that asked them to research food producers. After reading various informational texts to research questions like Where does Chipotle Mexican Grill source their tomatoes? students synthesized their research into a consumers guide. Engaging students in a project that connects to their lives makes the experience of finding text evidence relevant. Students are pulling information they want to know and share, rather than facts to plug in to a paragraph. The consumer guide project added to their knowledge in a meaningful way, says Hollander. And it related to the kids livestheir role as consumers at Chipotle. When it comes to text evidence, says Robb, the Think Aloud is a powerful strategy. Take a big questionlike How does the author prove his point that too much standardized testing is hurting our schools?and model finding text evidence to support that question. For example, Well, here the author cites a study showing that kids who spend a lot of time testing are less creative. That helps prove his argument.

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After my teaching stint in the Middle East I came back to Thailand with many possessions including a fancy SLR digital camera although any digital camera could obviously be used. I devoted a lesson to taking pictures of every student which only one has ever refused to have taken, by the way, eliciting as much information as I can from them about cameras and digital' and asking them to think why a foreign English teacher is taking photographs when he should be teaching English. Later, I upload the photos to my computer, organise them into classes and I'm even able to write the students' names in Thai on their pictures. Then in my own time I go over each picture again and again as if they were flashcards. I can do this anywhere and at anytime and within a few minutes I have remembered most of their names. Only their nicknames, of course!I try to pick out a feature of those students whose names I struggle to remember and use that to help me, too I won't go into details but it's usually something prominent or unusual.

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""I'm convinced that UFOs are a reality there's too much evidence out there. Beyond that, we don't know anything. We don't know who they are, why they're here, how much of this stuff is our own government. A point beyond that is that anything that isn't explained or that can't be explained by current scientific methods, automatically it's aliens. It's the explanation of last resort, and I just don't buy that. "Also weighing in on the Malibu mystery is former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen, who has an extensive background investigating and analyzing questionable pictures and videos. Hansen supplied HuffPost with the following Google Earth image of the underwater object in question:malibu anomaly 11"This was taken from a different angle of the 'mysterious base,'" Hansen told HuffPost in an email. "The dark areas that people are saying look like the inside of the base really starts to look just like shading of indentations to the shelf, and the 'pillars' are now represented as jagged ridges. ""Google obtains their underwater data from several different sources, including satellite radar and echo sonar from the Navy, NOAA, NASA and other agencies. Because they often use very different technologies, the derived information isn't always going to agree. When it doesn't, Google relies on its automatic 3D auto generation programs to make sense of it.

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