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Same rules apply, so for example, 3003 means the tire was manufactured in the 30th week of 2003. All tires sold for road use in Europe after July 1997 must carry an E mark. The mark itself is either an upper case "E" or lower case "e" followed by a number in a circle or rectangle, followed by a further number. An upper case "E" indicates that the tire is certified to comply with the dimensional, performance and marking requirements of ECE regulation 30. A lower case "e" indicates that the tire is certified to comply with the dimensional, performance and marking requirements of Directive 92/33/EEC. The number in the circle or rectangle denotes the country code of the government that granted the type approval. The last number outside the circle or rectangle is the number of the type approval certificate issued for that particular tire size and type. Mold serial number Tire manufacturers usually embed a mold serial number into the sidewall area of the mold, so that the tire, once molded, can be traced back to the mold of original manufacture. Codes Main article: Tire code Use classifications Tires are classified into several standard types, based on the type of vehicle they serve. Since the manufacturing process, raw materials, and equipment vary according to the tire type, it is common for tire factories to specialize in one or more tire types. In most markets, factories that manufacture passenger and light truck radial tires are separate and distinct from those that make aircraft or OTR tires.

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People necessitate contented whether it's a characteristic article or a filler. Just remember, the content of your articles necessitate to be valuable and relevant to the readers. And the topographic points that you submit your articles to demands to have got readers that are a tantrum with your mark audience. You don't desire to blow your clip and the readers' clip if the content of your articles isn't something they desire to larn about!I promote you to begin authorship articles as portion of your in progress selling schemes and if you're already writing, I dispute you to increase the figure of articles that you consistently set out. This is one selling maneuver that volition wage off for you!Labels: marketing, marketing basics, marketing solutions, marketing strategies, marketing systems, marketing tipsAs the Academy Awards loom ever closer, we are propelled into a state of excitement. What will the prima work force and ladies wear?Who will attach to them?Volition their outstanding function win them the desired Oscar?The Academy Awards are a story in the making. Here are three tips to compose winning fictional fictional characters of your own, based on what you earn from this illustrious awardings show:Tip 1: Know your characters. Every single individual who goes to is a fictional character in the huge puzzler that is the Academy Awards. Fit all of their pieces together. See how they interact with each other on the reddish carpet, and notice who sit downs adjacent to whom in the theater. Bash they look as if they can cover with the rejection of losing their Oscar, or are they genuinely happy for the decided winner?From Jack Black to Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston to Meryl Streep, the lives of each of these people are intoxicating to larn about.

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Thank you for such a wonderful site I am the room mom for my daughter s 1st grade class. Primary Grade Art Projects 2nd Grade Art Gallery. I hope you found this collection helpful and followed the links to a few new resources to add to your lesson plans. All you need is paper tempera paint sponges and some nbsp 17 Oct 2015 Celebrate the Season 25 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids. Stamp fabric or paper to make a simple and sweet decoration. This floating chalk Autumn tree fall art project looks difficult to do but is actually very simple This craft uses a fun art technique with chalk pastels and water to create beautiful prints.

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Try this idea submitted by Dawn, a Homeschooling Teacher, from Blackwood, NJ, that has practical applications for all types of classrooms!In our homeschooling situation, my son enjoys choosing from among many different math games. He earns colored tickets that he uses to gain entrance to the different games of his choice: Blue: Counting games involving guessing how many objects are in a jar or sorting, counting, and configuring manipulatives we store in plastic, self sealing lunch bags. Yellow: Toss Across Math, in which we adhere numbers to the commercial games Tic Tac Toe targets and then add/subtract/multiply/divide the numbers that are overturned with the toss of the beanbag. I turn bottle caps saved from soda bottles into math counters representing numbers 1 100. I stick a circular sticker purchased at an office supply store on the top of each bottle cap. I use a permanent marker to write the number on the sticker. I give the students a laminated poster sized 1 100 chart and the children match the bottle caps to the corresponding numbered square on the chart. Once they master that, I have them put the caps on a laminated poster sized blank 10 by 10 grid. They also like to put them in number order in one long row across the floor of the classroom. I make several sets of these caps. I make sets using all white dot colors and other sets using different colored dots, which are good for skip counting and patterning activities.

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