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The payment of dividendson our common stock will depend on earnings, financial condition and other business and economic factors affecting us at suchtime as our board of directors may consider relevant. If we do not pay dividends, our common stock may be less valuablebecause a return on your investment will only occur if our stock price appreciates. We currently intend toretain our future earnings to support operations and to finance expansion and, therefore, we do not anticipate paying any cashdividends on our common stock in the foreseeable future. We could issue blank checkpreferred stock without stockholder approval with the effect of diluting then current stockholder interests and impairing theirvoting rights, and provisions in our charter documents could discourage a takeover that stockholders may consider favorable. Our certificate of incorporationauthorizes the issuance of up to 10,000,000 shares of blank check preferred stock with designations, rights andpreferences as may be determined from time to time by our board of directors. Our board of directors is empowered, withoutstockholder approval, to issue a series of preferred stock with dividend, liquidation, conversion, voting or other rights whichcould dilute the interest of, or impair the voting power of, our common stockholders. The issuance of a series of preferredstock could be used as a method of discouraging, delaying or preventing a change in control. For example, it would be possiblefor our board of directors to issue preferred stock with voting or other rights or preferences that could impede the success ofany attempt to change control of our company. If you are not an institutional investor,you may only purchase the Units being offered in this Offering if you reside within thestates in which we willapply to have the securities registered or are exempt from registration, and, if required, meet any requisite suitability standards. If FINRA approves themarket maker application we will not be listed on a national securities exchange. Therefore, this Offering must be registered,or be exempt from registration, in any state in which the Units are to be offered or sold.

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Articles should not have extra white space. If there is extra white space in the text or between Text Capsules, it needs to be deleted. If a list of short items creates a long column of white space, consider converting the list to a table. When organizing your articles content, it is best to give each distinct section its own capsule. When you divide a section into multiple capsules e. g. , clinical trial data sharing sites, Protein Data Bank , GenBank, NIH sites such as BioLINCC. See "Revisions" guidelines below. Authors should abide by all relevant community guidelines for use and acknowledgment of data resources e. g. , the Fort Lauderdale guidelines, obtaining permission where required and citing the appropriate laboratory, website, and accession numbers, including clinical trial registration information.

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Many variations on this general scheme are used, depending on local climate, soil conditions, available space, economy, and available materials. Special equipment and systems may be designed for problem or difficult sites such as rocky or wet ground, permafrost, or wet tropical marshlands. Below is a simple sketch of a septic tank showing how solid waste is retained inside the tank while liquid effluent flows to the drainfield. Click images to see an enlarged version. Key articles for people unfamiliar with septic systems: If you don't know if your building is connected to a public sewer or a private septic system, see SEPTIC or SEWER CONNECTION?. In a typical modern system, waste from houseplumbing, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, toilet, laundry flows throughhouse waste pipes into a two part system: a septic tank, whose job is toretain all solid waste, and a soil absorption system whose job is topermit clarified effluent liquid from the tank to seep into the soil.

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BA 1997 Oberlin College. Julio C. de Paula. Professor of chemistry. Physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry, nanotechnology. PhD 1987 Yale University.

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