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Northwest newspapers lived up to the unity of the press they had agreed upon a few months before. The Catholic Northwest Progress had articles with headlines that read A Treacherous Ballot Title, and included a facsimile of the ballot, clearly marked no, on the page. 39 The Seattle Daily Times also had articles telling people to vote against Initiative 49. In the Daily Times advisory ballot, the newspaper had the following advice for how to vote for Initiative 49: Initiative Measure No. 49the Ku Klux Klan BillVOTE AGAINST. The title of this bill is deceptive. The purpose of the bill is to destroy all private schools. Increase taxes and deliver the government of the State of Washington into the hands of a secret society. 40 There was also a paid advertisement from the Friends of Educational Freedom, which said INITIATIVE 49 Would Injure Public Schools. Vote AGAINST. Initiative 49 would INJURE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS FINANCIALLY by decreasing the amount now available for educating each child in public schools.

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Adrian School Board of Directors members Quinten Shenk, middle, and Bobby Davis, right, prepare the sign the boards resolution with Dustin Martinsen on Thursday night. Following a unanimous vote, the Adrian School District Board of Directors took one more step on Thursday in trying to return students to the classroom as they signed a resolution that is ready to send to the state of Oregon. During its meeting, board member Jake Speelmon had his attorney, Dustin Martinsen of Vale based law firm Butler and Looney PC, on hand to give an update of their pending lawsuit against leaders of Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education. The boards lawsuit was filed on Sept. 17, naming Colt Gill, director of the Oregon Department of Education, and Patrick Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority, demanding that the district be able to allow students to return to the classroom, claiming if the children are not immediately returned to in person instruction, immediate and irreparable harm will be caused to the school districts resources, and if the children are not immediately returned to in person instruction, immediate and irreparable harm will be incurred by the students in the form of reduced quality of instruction. The pending lawsuit against the state was first announced on Aug. 13 by Speelmon. He said the board was, at the time, seeking legal counsel with the ultimate goal to be the Adrian School Board of Directors suing ODE for failing to allow to provide an adequate education to the students in . On Thursday, Martinsen said he has been in talks with representation from both OHA and ODE, and said that the state is looking to revise some of the metics for reopening schools. On Oct. 6, Oregon Public Broadcasting first reported that Oregon Gov.

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Social Media and Public Relations department of CJSC Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting was created on March 1, 2019. In 2010, she defended the dissertation entitled The Television Criticism in Azerbaijan and became a doctor of philosophy. She worked as a presenter, editor on various Television channels. She gave lectures at Baku State University and Baku Slavic University and became an associate professor. She worked as the Deputy Dean in the Journalism Faculty of Baku Slavic University and as the director of the Information sector of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan Republic. Since 2019, she has been the head of the General Department of Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC. On June 14, 2010, CJSC Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting held the opening ceremony of the Academy of Television and Radio. The purpose of the Academy on the basis of higher education is to educate professional personnel for television and radio, as well as TV and radio staff development. jointly with local teaching personnel it is planned to attract foreign television and radio specialists from such countries as Turkey, Russia, and also from Europe and USA with the aim of passing in these countries a further exchange of experience of Academy graduates. After finishing secondary school, in 1984, she entered the Culture Enlightenment Faculty of the Art Institute named after M. Aliyev.

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I didnt have an opportunity to learn and grow from them. Only one of my grandfathers was alive when I was born and he lived in another part of the country from us and I only remember him speaking Polish. I, however; have adopted my husbands grandmother, we call her Granny. Interestingly, my mom and his grandmother are the same age, but I never thought of Granny like a mom, always a grandmother. Granny has so much wisdom to bestow and has so much to share with the entire family. Its hard to see Granny age. It seems like just the other day when I met her. Grannys oldest son, was burned in a fire at home and was in the local burn unit. My husband I went every day to see Granny during our lunch hour. At that time, I had no idea she would become my Granny, but we formed a life long bond. Granny and I have become close over the past 11 years since I met her.

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