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TvTube For Mac users. Allows you to browse YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Videos, for movie clips that people upload, choose your favorite clips and add them to your shared library. YouTube API XML Feed Ripper PHP script that taps into the YouTube API to deliver videos by tag, by username or whats a current favorite. YouTube Widget brings all of YouTubes videos to your Mac Dashboard. Search The Tube A quick way to find videos for your website, blog or profile. YoutubeCrazyVideos A Youtube videos desktop player.

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You had to enter Margolins waiting room and walk through the whole office to get to my grandfathers one chair room. He had a desk in a closet and did all his own paperwork and a smaller closet with a red light for exposing film. I believe this arrangement went on for more than 40 years. This is too good!Thank you for sharing. We need a photo of that. Im going to ruminate on that closet office all dayMiss Cassette Another wonderful story!It was wonderful to read about Alans family. Alan, Anne and Marty are wonderful people and lucky enough to call them friends. Although I knew they had the Fireside prior to getting into real estate, I did not know all of the details. I also had forgotten that his grandparents house on 60th was also owned by one of our relatives. I how you weave through so many connections from generational owners, decorator, socialites that frequented. Keep up the amazing detective work!I look forward and reading your blog.

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"Of course, until you get a camera there, you don't know where the entrance is leading. I'd hazard a guess that it doesn't go in too far, and if they do get in there, I think the chances are that they're not going to find the lost treasures of Atlantis. " n . ?More here !kjcr links/c1dto More here:DR. LYNNE KITEI/THE PHOENIX LIGHTS Pictures air date: 07/2/2014astwalkers, a feature length documentary discloses for the first time, information you were never meant to know. Amazing UFO photos and afootage you were never meant to see. The public is invited to attend this premiere showing of Fastwalkers at general admission prices on Wednesday, February 21, 7:00bpm . Tickets at the door or contact: Harkins Arizona Mills 24 Box Office or online at Harkins Arizona Mills 24 Theater is located at 5000 Arizona Mills Circle, Tempe, Arizona 85282. 480 820 0387. Fastwalkers focuses on providing a "World View" of what is really happening on planet Earth, rather than what "we are told is happening. " Never before has there been such a disclosure of the web of lies, and disinformation that the governments of the world do not want you to know!Hear contactee's, experiencer's, and abductee's share their amazing testimonies!Discover the truth about extraterrestrial contact.

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