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g. , a couple of people on a boat versus five hundred people swimming at a beach, we really have no idea how dangerous oceanic white tips are. There could be hundreds of undocumented attacks that left behind no survivors to tell the tale. One famous survivor story gives us a glimpse of how dangerous oceanic white tips might be. In 1945, a Japanese submarine shot down the USS Indianapolis. For a multitude of reasons, partly due to the fact that the Indianapolis was on a top secret mission and partly due to tragic incompetence, a rescue ship was not sent for four days.

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The following article in The Economist Lexingtons Notebook prompted my interest in this,ne can see that members of the Obama Administration located in Chicago were very quick to assure the American population that the President is focused on the storm and governing the country. Additionally, this article further relates to the fact that the handling of such a disaster can greatly aid the current President Obama. It must be noted that as each Presidential Poll is released, the support of Romney appears to be strengthening. I feel that Obama may use this to the best of his advantage. I feel that the current President will remind his followers and current skeptics the work that he and his administration conducted in Joplin, Missouri last year when a devastating tornado hit. I remember following that event very closely and the immediate aid that was present had a profound impact on me.

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A number of studies have shown that the use of promotional gifts as parts of marketing campaigns can greatly help businesses to grow. Numbers dont lie, states AdvanceWeb. com, Business marketing research and promotional statistics from leading advertising and marketing institutes indicate promotional products are a highly effective addition to recruitment, retention and branding campaigns. These figures support our belief that the right promotional product can truly make an impact on your organization and its campaigns. The site goes on to highlight some of the promotional products that have long histories of garnering businesses greater attention and higher sales. Perhaps, not surprisingly, pens top the list of popular promotional gifts to give out. According to business marketing research, writing instruments are the most recalled advertising specialty items 54% of respondents recall owning them, followed by shirts, caps and bags, says AdvanceWeb. com. As well, the site reveals that a single writing instrument is used on average 18. 2 times per month, making it the most frequently used promotional product category. Evidently, the more that people use an item, the more promotional power it holds.

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Yet we are conditioned to racist attitudes by our very education system, and the whole foundational basis for racism permeates peoples minds. It was the evolutionary view that convinced anthropologists there were different races of humans at different levels of intelligence and ability. It is the Christian view that teaches there is one race in the sense that we all came from the same two humans, and therefore there are no lower or higher evolutionary groups and that all people are equal. At one school a teacher said to her students that if ape like creatures had evolved into people, then this should be seen to be happening today. Some of the students told her that this was happening today because some aborigines are primitive and therefore, still evolving. Regrettably, in the childrens eyes the teaching of evolution had relegated the Australian Aborigines to a sub human level. Many people would not think of evolution as being in any way related to the taking of drugs. However, the following letter of testimony from a man in Western Australia shows clearly this relationship. Many will remember being taught at school that as an embryo develops in its mothers it goes through a fish stage with gill slits, etc. , and other evolutionary stages until it becomes human. In other words, the idea is that as the embryo develops it passes through all the evolutionary stages reflecting its ancestry.

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