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The new knowledge may have potentialapplications to help patients with cancer, stroke, arthritis, diabetes,obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Sang's laboratory is interested in proteinchemistry and enzymology of metalloproteinases and their natural and syntheticinhibitors. The biological and pathological roles of these enzymes andinhibitors are investigated in the regulation of adult mesenchymal stem celldifferentiation and fate. The classical biochemistry is combined with molecularbiology, cell biology, material science, medicinal chemistry, and biomedicalsciences. The research team isfocusing on the studies of the biochemical mechanisms of zymogen activation,substrate specificities, the inhibition kinetics, and the structure functionrelationships of the proteinases and their inhibitors. These synthetic smallmolecular enzyme inhibitors may be further developed to become potentialcandidates for therapeutics for treating cancer invasion, metastasis, stroke,and obesity. Sang research team is exploring the biochemicalbasis and molecular mechanisms of human cancer cell progression, invasion, andmetastasis. Matrix metalloproteinases MMPs or matrixins are a family ofendopeptidases that require zinc for catalysis and calcium for protein folding. Because of their abilities to dissolve connective tissue barrier proteins suchas collagens, fibronectin, and laminins, matrixins are one of the mostimportant classes of molecules used by invading cells to facilitate invasive growthand spread. Angiogenesis, the process of new blood vessel formation, isessential for providing oxygen and nutrients for tumor growth and forgenerating a gateway for cancer cell metastasis.

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Therefore, instructional strategies are needed which specifically support the needs of ELLs. According to Protheroe, research suggests that the following instructional strategies are particularly supportive for ELLs: A focus on oral language development, such as opportunities to practice English in the classroom, building on students background knowledge; cooperative learning: explicit instruction in the elements of English literacy; differentiated instruction; the use of graphic organizers as a comprehension strategy; and a focus on academic language p. 28. In her 2009 study, ODay also found that although structures of instruction which are set up to support individualized instruction offer potential to support ELLs, teachers must apply specific interventions and strategies tailored to the specific students language needs. In her three year study of the implementation and effects of a balanced literacy approach in San Diego City Schools, ODay 2009 took qualitative data from two of the years to consider what might have been missing from the approach and how the strengths that were developed during the districts literacy reforms might be used to address some of the issues were found. ODay does first note the importance of engaging in meaningful conversation for learning language: In addition, it would appear that EL students benefit from opportunities to engage in conversation and discussion in literacy lessons, most likely because such interactions provide practice for oral language development in a context of meaningful communication 108 109. ODay also noted the potential positive benefits of a balanced literacy program for English Language Learners, and says: I noted earlier the likely benefits of a balanced literacy program for EL students, in part because instructional differentiation is so integral to the approach. Grouping strategies, text selection, and specific activities to scaffold instruction e. g. , read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading were to be designed and implemented to respond to the needs of individual learners as they progressed toward independence in increasinglymore complex texts. Moreover, the emphases reported across the case study schools on teachers knowing their students well and documenting student progress was to provide the bases for matching instructional strategies to the needs of specific children at specific points in their development.

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Yet recent trends are discouraging, as these countries do not yet see as a core strategic interest the promotion of national treatment, competition and open markets in a meaningful way. Fifth, will the growth of these economies put an inevitable strain on global resources and increase competition for water, oil and other commodities, culminating in a zero sum race for resources or is a collaborative approach possible?In India and China natural energy and water resources are scarce. Food wastage is a growing problem and developing a farm to market supply chain is evolving. Pressure is rising as we see increasing competition for resources e. g. , Chinas appetite for securing resources in Africa. Global challenges require global solutions. We need to find ways to address these issues now before they become even more significant. We know that the world is changing in profound ways. How we respond to the increasing influence of China, India, Brazil and other emerging economies reflects as much on our own leadership as it does on these countries. We cannot advance the twin concepts of strategic trust and cooperation if we are not willing to adapt ourselves and acknowledge that the size and shape of the table has to change to reflect the needs, values and interests of these countries.

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As Enrons reputation with the outside world grew, the internal culture apparently began to take a darker tone. Skilling instituted the performance review committee PRC, which became known as the harshest employee ranking system in the country. It was known as the 360 degree review based on the values of Enronrespect, integrity, communication and excellence RICE. However, associates came to feel that the only real performance measure was the amount of profits they could produce. In order to achieve top ratings, everyone in the organization became instantly motivated to do deals and post earnings. Employees were regularly rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5s usually being fired within six months. The lower an employees PRC score, the closer he or she got to Skilling, and the higher the score, the closer he or she got to being shown the door. Skillings division was known for replacing up to 15% of its workforce every year. Fierce internal competition prevailed and immediate gratification was prized above long term potential. Paranoia flourished and trading contracts began to contain highly restrictive confidentiality clauses. Secrecy became the order of the day for many of the companys trading contracts, as well as its disclosures.

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Itwas through his influence upon my life that I was forced to ask the firstquestion: You ask how to know who you are. By posing that question, you have already embarked on the infinite journey, for that is the first question, the last question, the only question. And it cannot be answered except through the course of living, and connecting through Spiritto the infinite otherSelf. When you ask, "Who am I?" listen with your heart for the answer. These are only words, of course, inadequate to the task of revealing any truth at all. What matters, then, is that you look beyond the words and into the source of that calling which has always been with you. That is who you are, that is who you will become if you choose to answer the call, that is your Self in eternity. So who arewe here at Quantum Shaman?My name is Della. There's also Wendy,with whom I share the journey. And there is Orlando, who is our teacher,our guide, muse, and a great deal more. Though this will perhaps not makesense to newcomers, Orlando is my double the evolved self, the Dreaming body personified, the Infinite awareness of the Higher Self.

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